A food blog with a dollop of adventure, one teaspoon of trivia, a dash of anecdotes, a sprinkling of humor, and garnished with three slivers of philosophy.

This blog celebrates vegan and vegetarian lifestyle and showcases meatless flavors. My love affair with food started quite young; I remember often winding up in the kitchen following the delicious aromas that wafted through my mother's kitchen. Being a particularly picky teenager who always wanted variety in her meals, I learnt cooking more out of necessity.

This is a journal of my gastronomic adventures spanning several continents and cultures. My cooking constantly evolves with me and bears a deep impact from my Indian heritage and my environment. I love experimenting with new ingredients and blending different cooking techniques to create something unique. At the same time, I like to keep things non-fussy and simple. Recipes featured here are almost always what I cooked for the day and include tips and techniques which I rely on in my kitchen.